Massimo Brega


Massimo Brega is a photoreporter and a filmmaker specialized in producing TV documentaries with an international point of view, an exciting storytelling and high-quality photography. He initiated his professional activity in 1988 and soon became an acclaimed photographer and photojournalist in Science, Technology, Travel, Nature, Social (Focus, National Geographic, Quark, etc). In 2014 with the Executive Producer Sara Resnati, he founded Kepach, a video production company specialized in creative documentaries. Massimo has worked as Author and Director at the production of Kepach’s documentary series “The Age of Robots” (2014), “Money Art”(2016) and “The Sense of Beauty” (2017) in collaboration with Italian national broadcaster RAI.


Kepach is an Italian company specializing in the production of innovative and original factual content.

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