Massimo Brega

Massimo Brega is based in Milan (Italy), where he was born in 1968. Brega initiated his professional activity in 1988 and soon became an acclaimed international photographer and photojournalist in Science, Technology, Travel, Nature, Social. Brega publishes his features both in Italy and abroad on newspapers, magazines, and books. Much of his work is self-planned.

Brega constantly follows the progress of the more advanced visual communication medium like Web and he’s strongly engaged for in shooting short-length videos.

Brega is also a documentary filmmaker reporting Science (mostly in Research Laboratories), High-Tech, Ethnographic and Environmental all over the world. He has been interviewed by various magazines, radio and Tv about his professional production. His images appeared in many school-books.

Thanks to his experience, Brega is charged to hold conferences with distinguished professional Institutes and Journalistic Order. He also devotes part of his activity reporting the work and researches of public institutes and private companies.